Veterinary surgeons

Enda O’Reilly MVB MRCVS
Clinical Director
Originally from a large family in Ederney, Enda moved to Armagh soon after graduating from Dublin in 1983 to found the practice along with his wife, Anne. Naturally talented in his veterinary skills, especially when it came to large animal medicine, combined with innate leadership skills have allowed the practice to grow to the busy hub it is today.

Outside of work Enda has golf skills ‘to rival’ Rory Mc Ilroy and is a keen gardener. Enda is very proud of his home grown vegetables which the staff get to sample on frequent occasions.
Anne O’Reilly MVB MRCVS
Senior Veterinary Surgeon
Anne [née Fee] graduated from Dublin in 1984 and is a founding member of the practice along with her husband Enda, who she met at university. It quickly became apparent that Anne’s natural talents lay in the area of small animals and it is here she concentrated her skills as well as doing a further qualification to become a recognised veterinary homeopath.

Outside work Anne is an enthusiastic golfer, a superb cook and a keen traveller, and enjoys spending time with her two sons and daughter.
Jennifer Hamilton DVM MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon
Jennifer graduated from University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest in 2018 and headed off to bonnie Scotland where she practiced for 2 years. Returning home in 2020 she joined our team. Jennifer loves all aspects of mixed practice whether it be out and about on the road or in the practice consulting.

A recent new home owner, outside of work Jennifer is busy decorating her house.
Dan McCarthy DVM MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon
Dan graduated in 2019 from University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest as a Veterinary Surgeon. Dan joined our team in December 2020. He enjoys all aspects of mixed practice and is frequently seen in the small animal sector. Dan’s key interests in work are anything surgery based but also enjoys being out on the road meeting clients and treating Large Animals.

Outside of work Dan’s favourite place to be is the gym.
Eric Smith, vet at O'Reilly & Fee Veterinary Surgery
Eric Smith MVB MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon
Eric qualified from University College Dublin in 2003 and immediately joined O’Reilly and Fee where he has remained and become an integral part of the team. Coming from an equestrian orientated family it was easy to see where Eric’s interest lay, and so he took two sabbaticals to hone his equine skills by working in Scarvagh House Stud both in Co. Down and in England during the breeding season.

Even Eric’s leisure time tends to be equine related between exercising horses, show jumping and teaching his son to ride.
Deirdre Totten MVB MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon
Deirdre graduated from Dublin in 2015 and joined our Team in January 2020. Deirdre focuses her skills in the Small Animal sector of our practice consulting and carrying out procedures.

Outside of work Deirdre enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and when she gets the chance horse riding.
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