Patient Care Assistants

Patient Care Assistants (PCA) are a vital part of our veterinary team. They work in a supportive role alongside our veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses to provide care to you and your pet. The role of a PCA is varied, and often involves working in all areas of the practice. PCAs receive training to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to best care for our patients.

What do PCAs do?

PCAs are vital in the care of hospitalised patients.

Support surgical teams

PCAs often work in our surgical theatres, supporting our operating team by preparing the theatre environment, ensuring all necessary sterile equipment is available and supporting with preparing our patients for their procedure. After surgery, PCAs may be responsible for maintaining a sterile operating space as well as cleaning and re-sterilising equipment.

Post-operative care and day case care

We understand the importance of keeping your pet’s recovery from an anaesthetic as stress free as possible, so our PCAs and registered veterinary nurses work together to ensure we closely monitor your pet until fully recovered, comforting them and watching for signs of pain or distress to ensure the very best care is provided, tailored to your individual pet’s needs.

PCAs can perform monitoring checks, such as recording vital parameters, as well as spending time encouraging patients to feel comfortable in the veterinary environment.

PCAs are often responsible for ensuring patients’ nutritional needs are met, and that they receive appropriate exercise, toilet breaks and kennelling.

Front of house

PCAs often support the reception team helping schedule appointments and working with clients.

In many clinics PCAs will also perform some routine consultations, such as weight monitoring and nail clips.

Patient care assistants are essential for every step of your pet’s journey, making this a diverse and rewarding role.


Find out more about the role of Patient Care Assistants in veterinary practice on the BVNA website.

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