Pet Passports

The Pet Passport Scheme Guidelines

The Pet Travel Pilot Scheme started on 28th February 2000 to allow cats and dogs only to enter the UK from certain countries without the need for quarantine.

Subject to the rules of the scheme you will be allowed to take your pet on holiday with you.

Conditions of the Pet Passport Scheme

There are a significant number of conditions attached to acquiring a pet passort. This procedure takes some time, so start planning well in advance.

These are the basic five steps you need to complete.

Step One: Identification & Rabies Vaccination

  • Your pet must have a Microchip implanted below its skin to permanently identify it.
  • Rabies Vaccination is given

A Health Certificate is issued by the vet at this time and the Passport Application is completed

 Step Two: Wait…..

Wait 30 days.

Step Three: Blood Sample & Additional Vaccination

A blood sample is taken to confrm that the Rabies vaccination was successful. This is only required if you are planning on returning to the UK.

Important Note: Your pet may not re-enter the UK until 6 calendar months has passed from the date of the blood sample

Booster vaccinations for Parvo/Lepto etc if required are given at this time.

Step Four: Pre-departure

48 hours before your departure a Health Check is required and the final documentation must be completed.

Step Five: Your Return Journey

A veterinary examination plus worm & flea control treatment must be carried out 24/48 hours before entering the UK

Important Information

Check with the airline/boat company for their regulations for pets travelling as every company differs as some airline companies do not transport pets.

Be careful if flying into or out of Dublin as Irish regulations differ slightly from those in the UK.

Appointments must be made with the surgery for all aspects of the passport scheme. Please contact the surgery for further details.

This Information is only a Guideline

Due to there being so many regulations for different countries it is of vital importance that you obtain the correct information & regulations of the country you are visiting before you begin the passport application procedure.

For further information contact:

Animal Disease Control
Tel: 028 9052 4715

Defra Website