Pet Safety at Easter

Spring is in the air and Easter is almost here, but remember that your pets will be curious about new items you bring into your household so keep them a safe distance away from your pets’ reach. Chocolate During Easter Week chocolate is a popular treat for humans but it’s also the most common poison […]

Springtime Killers

Spring is in the air and pets get curious this time of year, which can mean an increase in the number of emergencies. Springtime will bring many hazards for your pets, so be careful. – Spring cleaning Chemicals If you use chemical cleaning supplies around your home, be sure to store products securely away from […]

Valentine’s Day – Pet Safety Tips

Valentine’s Day can be as much fun for pets as it is for humans if dangerous foods, flora and other items are kept out of paws’ reach. Each year vets see a rise in cases around February 14, many involving chocolate and lilies, a flower that’s potentially fatal to cats. So please take extra precaution. Pet-Safe […]

30 Years in Business

National Pet Dental Health Month

February is dental health month for pets, which is a perfect time to schedule a visit for a free dental examination with the veterinary nurse. Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in good shape has many more benefits than just fresh breath. Regular cleanings and a few minutes of brushing each week can help give your pet […]

Celebrating 30 Years in Business

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is the one party that the whole world is invited to!  As we get ready to ring in 2015 with a loud, colourful display of festive fireworks, we need to remember to keep our furry friends safe.  The excitement of the sparkling, popping and cracking sounds might be fun for humans, but […]

Winter Weather Safety Tips

Pets need extra protection, as the winter settles in. As most pet owners know winter can be a challenge for our pets. Provided are a few winter safety tips to ensure your pet has a safe and healthy season. Arthritis Cold, damp weather aggravates arthritis in pets, which means ‘inflammation of the joints’. Arthritis can appear […]

Christmas Pet Safety Tips

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but not always for your pets. Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger. Decorations & Presents Holiday decorations are designed to look attractive but unfortunately pets get into trouble easily around decorations. To help to maintain the merry mood this Christmas make sure electrical […]

Autumn Alarm – Watch out for those Hazards

Fall is drawing to an end and winter is quickly approaching. Dangers are lurking for our furry friends. From poisons to cold weather hazards, the season is a minefield! Here are some tips to keep your pet snug and healthy during the autumn months. Rodenticides / Mouse Traps Fall’s cooler temperatures drive rodents in search of […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Attention, animal lovers, it’s almost the spookiest night of the year. Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults; unfortunately it can be a frightening and even dangerous time for pets. We recommend following these guidelines to keep your pet safe and stress-free on Halloween: Keep sweets & chocolate away from your pet   Sweets and […]

Autumn Hazards – Keep pets safe this season

As autumn approaches, the weather begins to change, as well as the needs and behaviors of our pets. As we prepare for a new season, we should make sure that our pets are prepared as well. In an effort to minimize risks, knowing more about autumn hazards and preventive measures will help keep your pets […]

Keep your pets cool this Summer

Summer is a fun time of year for humans and pets alike. Many pets and people love to play outdoors despite the heat. Some homes do not have air-conditioning, so alternative cooling methods must be used. If your pet does not wish to stay indoors with the air-conditioner, or if you do not have air-conditioning, […]

A Summer Hazzard – Heatstroke

Hot sunny days are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important to remember that even fit and healthy pets can easily overheat in this weather. Heatstroke can be fatal, often occurring if a pet is kept shut up in a house or car without shade, ventilation or water. It […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday

The summer months have arrived and many people love to go away with their pets. For most pets, going on holiday means a car journey. This requires careful planning to ensure that your furry friend is safe and happy. Visit your Vet Visit your vet and discuss vaccinations and medication before you go away. Check […]