About Us

At O’Reilly & Fee, we strive to provide a high quality veterinary service for all animals – large and small. We invest continuously in our practice facilities and in on-going staff training and education in order to constantly improve the standard of care we offer and expand the range of services available.


VetPetStop is a fully stocked retail area for all your animal health requirements. Experienced and knowledgeable staff are available at all times to assist you in choosing the right products.

Payment of Fees

Unfortunately there is no NHS for animals so in order to keep our fees as competitive and affordable as possible, payment must be made at the end of each consultation or when your pet is being discharged following a surgical procedure.

The fees charged are to cover a combination of the professional service of the Veterinary Surgeons, our highly trained Veterinary Nurses, the maintainence of the high standard of facilities and equipement required to treat your pet and for the general expenses involved in any business.

How can I pay the fees?

We are happy to accept payment in cash, by cheque or by credit/debit card.

If you are worried about costs we are always happy to provide an estimate before commencing treatment. As treatment is always provided on an individual basis costs will therefore vary.