The widespread use of vaccination to prevent major infectious diseases has greatly improved the health and increased the life span of our pets.

Many of the diseases we routinely vaccinate against are fatal, all are difficult to treat and cause very unpleasant symptoms and a great deal of suffering. Fortunately, because of vaccination, relatively few pets die of these diseases nowadays, but the danger is ever present if pets are unvaccinated.

Another reason why widespread vaccination has been so important in improving pet health is that the regular visits to the vet means regular opportunities for a general health check-up.

When you bring your pet to us for vaccination, whether it is for the first time or for an annual booster, we will perform a full clinical examination and can discuss and advise about any aspect of your pet’s health, general care and behaviour.

Vaccination and Check-Up Consultations

During your vaccination consultation, in addition to administering vaccine injections, we will:

  • Perform a clincial examination, checking on the health of your pet’s heart and lungs, examining eyes and ears, skin condition and teeth
  • In the case of young animals, check for the presence of any developmental abnormalities
  • Check for the presence of internal and external parasites and advise about preventative treatments
  • Discuss issues related to feeding your pet and, if necessary, provide advice on suitable feeding regimes
  • Advise you about any behavioural issues that you are having with your pet
  • If necessary, trim your pet’s nails