The Death of a Pet

It is a sad fact of pet ownership that our pets have much shorter lives than we do. It can be a very distressing time for owners and families when they lose a pet, whatever the cause.

We do our very best to ensure that if euthanasia is required it is carried out as gently and sympathetically as possible. We have all lost pets ourselves over the years and know that allowing our beloved companions to go with dignity may be the last and the kindest thing we can do for them.

We will all do our best to offer whatever guidance and support you need where appropriate.

Pet Cremation Service

The sadness of parting with a pet can be eased by the knowledge that your lifelong friend has been treated with dignity and respect.

Our Crematorium is dedicated to companion pets only.

There are 2 options available following the death of your pet:

  • Group cremation (without the return of ashes)
  • Individual cremation (with the return of ashes)

With individual cremation we can guarantee that your pet will be cremated on its own and only the ashes of your pet will be returned.

When the ashes are returned, you could scatter the remains in a favourite place, bury them or keep them in a wooden casket.

We can supply various types of caskets, but unless otherwise requested, all ashes will be returned in a cardboard cremation box.

Due to health and safety regulations unfortunately the owner can not attend the cremation.