Why do I need a Prescription?

Many of the products we sell are categorised as POM-V. This means they are prescription only medications and we need a written prescription from your vet so that we can supply it.

How can I get a Prescription?

Ask your veterinary practice for one. If your vet has suggested some treatment for your pet then he/she must write you a prescription if you request one.

Will my vet charge me for writing the prescription?

Yes, that is likely.

How long does the prescription last?

It will be valid for six months from the date of issue, so you have to request the medication within this time.  Prescriptions for certain scheduled drugs such as epiphen / phenobarbitone have to be fulfilled within 28 days.

Do I have to buy the whole prescription at once?

No, once we have the prescription you can buy the medication in batches if you like. That’ll help you spread the cost of your pet’s treatment.

What if my pet needs the medication urgently?

You should ask your vet to give your pet any treatment that he/she needs in the next few days, especially any emergency treatment. Any ongoing treatment could then be obtained from us with a prescription.

When will you dispatch the Medication? Will you accept an e-mailed copy?

We aim to dispense and dispatch the medication within 24 hrs of receiving the prescription. We prefer the signed original to be sent to us. However we will accept a scanned copy by e-mail as long as the scan is of excellent quality and the prescription can be easily read. Photos are not of good enough quality for us to accept.

How do I send the Prescription to O’Reilly & Fee?


Place your order first and quote your order number in the subject line.
Please attach a flat bed scan of the prescription, preferably as a pdf file.
Please don’t send us a photo of the prescription.

Post           O’Reilly & Fee Veterinary Surgery, 100 Cathedral Road, Armagh, N.Ireland BT61 8AE

Place your order first then write your order number on the prescription before posting it.