Christmas Pet Safety Tips

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but not always for your pets. Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger.

Decorations & Presents

Holiday decorations are designed to look attractive but unfortunately pets get into trouble easily around decorations. To help to maintain the merry mood this Christmas make sure electrical cords from decorations are kept out of pets reach, so they can’t chew them and get electrocuted. Snow globes are a double danger as they are made from glass and plastic; plus an antifreeze substance is added to the water in snow globes to make the slow moving effect of the falling snow, which is very poisonous to pets. Cinnamon scented candles are attractive at Christmas because of their smell, taste and texture; but if not perched on high shelves and left unsupervised, a pet can easily knock them over and quickly start a fire.

After opening presents there can be wrappings, wires, toys and batteries left lying around.  This is a choking hazard; as pets often explore new objects with their mouths. Batteries especially are dangerous if swallowed as they can cause internal burns; so remove any tempting items from the floor. Provide pets with a safe toy from a reputable pet shop or veterinary surgery, to keep them occupied and free from hazards.

Christmas Tree Dangers

Fallen Christmas tree needles are very sharp and can easily get stuck in your pet’s paws or throat. Real Christmas trees are mildly toxic and the oils can be an irritant to pets; so make sure to sweep trees needles up regularly, buy an artificial tree or fence off your Christmas tree to separate your pet and tree. This will prevent inquisitive pets from tossing it over as pets intend to explore Christmas trees and play with shiny decorations and flashing lights, but can result in injuries if they are left to their own devices.Cover up electric cords and avoid tinsel and ribbon decoration as it can be fatal to pets if swallowed. Remember Mistletoe and Holly are both poisonous to pets and should be kept out of reach at all times.

Holiday Food

While enjoying a Christmas afternoon snooze, pets may use this opportunity to sniff out tasty food. Make sure food is out of pets reach and avoid giving your pets any leftovers as they can choke on turkey bones, whilst some foods such as onions, raisins and certain nuts can even be poisonous. Watch out for sage and onion stuffing, Christmas cake, chocolate and mince pies. Make sure your guests know not to feed your dog from the table. Have a supply of suitable treats and toys on hand for those curious pets.

For peace of mind we have a 24hour emergency service, just call 028 3752 6777. Most pet related Christmas dangers are easy to avoid so just have fun and remember to be pet safe.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all the staff at O’Reilly & Fee!