Keep your pets cool this Summer

Summer is a fun time of year for humans and pets alike. Many pets and people love to play outdoors despite the heat. Some homes do not have air-conditioning, so alternative cooling methods must be used. If your pet does not wish to stay indoors with the air-conditioner, or if you do not have air-conditioning, there are still plenty of ways to keep your pet cool as temperatures rise. Summer safety is no joke, and it’s up to you to make sure your pet stays cool and comfortable. Here are some ways to help your pet cool off in the heat of summer.

Fresh, Cool Water

It is essential that you keep fresh, cool water available to your dog at all times. In hot weather, this is even more crucial. Make sure you keep the water bowl in a shady location and change the water frequently. In addition to cool, fresh water, you can try feeding your pet some delicious chilled treats.

Shelter from the Sun

Your pet might enjoy a little sunbathing, but they ultimately need a cool, shady spot to relax. Prolonged sun exposure not only leads to heat exhaustion, it can also cause sunburn. Of course, the most ideal shelter is in your home. Some people turn their air conditioning off when they leave for the day. If you have a pet at home, this could put him in danger. Instead of turning off the air conditioner, try leaving it on a comfortable setting while you are out. Consider closing curtains to reduce the heating effects of sunlight through the windows. If possible, install a doggie door to allow constant indoor and outdoor access for your pet.

Pools for Cooling

If your dog loves water, then a large tub or kiddie pool might be a great addition to your yard. Many dogs enjoy playing and lounging in the cool water. Just make sure you supervise your dog at all times. Also, keep the pool in a shady spot and change the water frequently. You might also try running a sprinkler to see if your dog likes it.

Summer Style

Feel free to trim longer hair on your pet, but never shave them: The layers protect them from overheating and sunburn. Brushing cats more often than usual can prevent problems caused by excessive heat. And be sure that any sunscreen or insect repellent product you use on your pets is labelled specifically for animals.

No matter what you do to keep your pet cool, the best thing you can do is to keep a close eye on them. When in doubt, move them to a cooler area. Be sure to contact your vet immediately if you notice any signs of heatstroke, Call 028 3752 6777